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This unit deals with human sexuality, marriage and family life. Human sexuality sets us apart from the animals. It is exactly in the domain of sexuality that the dignity of humanity is the most clearly expressed. Our sexuality calls us beyond ourselves to a whole and intimate relationship with another human being. And it is to an 'other' who is both similar and different from ourselves that we are called.

The unit also deals with a wide variety of aspects that influences our relationships in marriage. For example, communication – how to disagree and negotiate with each other without undermining the relationship. We also look at children within the context of the family and how we are all intrinsically shaped by our families and family relationships.

Marriage and family issues present an ideal opportunity for us to show how the gospel can affect our lives for the good. Our marriages and family relationships can become showcases of the grace of God.It does not mean that we have to present ourselves as 'getting it right' in our marriages and families. But we can meet the world as people who have tasted something very good and thus cannot settle for anything less. The hope that we can offer people in the light of our understanding of God's vision for our marriages and families can change their lives forever.

Skill Level: Beginner