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Many students who enter ministry, having done a lot of study, are soon asking themselves - "How do I now do church?” "How do lead and manage this ministry?” In this subject we put it all together, theology, Bible knowledge, and practical skills - and ask the question, "How are we going to lead a church or ministry?”

Leading a church or a ministry is more than understanding the Bible and having a good theology. It requires vision, planning, an understanding of organisational dynamics, and the ability in any given context to provide a relevant expression of church while maintaining the core values of what a church or particular ministry should be.

This unit covers areas such as developing values, visions and strategies, organisational approaches and leadership styles, dealing with change and reviewing progress.

However, the goal of this unit is for each student to have developed their own philosophy and strategy for church and ministry so that at the completion of the unit they have a framework for approaching, developing and leading ministry with confidence.
Skill Level: Beginner

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